A different kind of preparation

It’s a great feeling, having a job to go to on Monday!  Normally, I am up at 4:30am to prepare for school, as I am on call.  However, since September 2012, I have only been called in for 50 days.  Make that 51 if you count the day the Deputy Principal at a school was testing out the online booking system.

My aim is to find sustainable work.  It seems as though being a Distance Trainer is the way to go, due to the popularity of online courses which articulate to university programs in Australia.  It remains to be seen how a trainer can develop professional teaching relationships using the internet, but clearly it has been done before.  My teachers for online courses have shown professional support in the past, and some have been very motivating and supportive.

This weekend, my preparation has been to focus and plan.  I have been investigating the web site for the company, reviewing my qualifications, reading in my specialty areas and considering transport and which shoes to wear.

At home, everyone has been very supportive, but they are preparing me for the worst as they hate to see me be disappointed.   In Australia, the labour market moves fast and companies regularly close down and release 3-500 workers around the Christmas/New Year break.

It has been a blessing for me to be able to study while on call for supply, even though I would never have thought it would be helpful for finding work.  As it turns out, that might have been a good move and the study and research  has given me great independence and understanding in Education, Training and Communications including IT and Engineering.

While my family is a bit out of the loop with the subject matter I have been researching, they have been so supportive and understanding of the discipline I have been trying to cultivate.  So now I hope to show them that it has been worthwhile, they need not fear me being disappointed, and things are working out for the best.


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