Monday and a new job

I heard about my new job on Thursday and was sent a letter of offer on Friday. 

It’s so exciting to be about to start work as a Distance Trainer, where I will be working with people who are studying online courses and using the computer to connect to their studies.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the hairdressers where Lou worked her magic on my hair with a new type of smoothing treatment.  It was very relaxing, as I sat sipping tea and watching the passing traffic, being tended to by the experts.  Ros trimmed my hair back into shape, and it turned out really well.  I think it is my best cut and treatment ever!  Now the trick is to stay out of the rain and other water for 48 hours, or just dry it quickly and use a flat iron if I am caught in a sudden downpour.

When I arrived home, I had a message to send details of my qualifications in to my Academic Coordinator so that things could be sorted for Monday.  I look forward to meeting the team, although I suspect there might only be one or two people at the office since the Head Office is in Melbourne with a campus for students there, too.

So this weekend, I am looking at the web site to find out their policies, working out what I need for my job and planning.  Having full-time work is just perfect for me now, as I will be in a position to sort out my finances and help out more at home.  It’s just brilliant!


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