Bananas don’t make good doorstops

This morning, Mum and Dad went sailing – actually Garage Sale-ing.  At some stage during their sailing expedition they used one of the shopping bags from the back of the car to prop open the door.  It didn’t work very well, but they noticed something inside.  It turned out to be two bananas from yesterday’s shopping trip.

Dad told me about it this morning.  To finish the story, he said, “…so we ate it!”  This set of torrents of laughter from me, especially when I saw the look on his face (a sideways smile) as he went to the back of the house.

That was a great way to start my day, especially as I sat up until about 1:30am doing some literature searches while watching American UFO programs on the television.  One program even mentioned Vannevar Bush, who we studied in my graduate library degree. 

I found 15-20 articles and was quite pleased to recognise some themes that are important in my thesis.  Out of those, only two or three will be deeply relevant, I expect. So it is onwards and upwards, once again.


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