School is back

Both the private and public schools are back now. School is in full flight and it is only a couple of weeks until the first Semester of university.

This morning I had a mission to find bird transfers for Dad’s front garden makeover. He used the glass from a coffee table top to make a wind screen above his bar-b-que table. I found some transfers at a hardware store after searching high and low in the main shopping centre and finding a hat for school.

The transfers are silhouettes and show a bird cage, some branches and some birds. Dad said it was just perfect and soon applied them to the glass. They look very good as a screen and the magpies seem delighted with them. Magpies relate to black and white patterns, so maybe the black silhouettes are just right for them, too.

My new hat is dark blue in a straw-like material. I had a gift card which covered most of the price and only had to add $5.00 to make up the already reduced price. At school, the hat is useful for playground duty and being out on the oval or going on excursions. So I am feeling more prepared now for my supply teaching work and look forward to having lots of opportunities for wearing the blue hat.


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