Calendars are so useful for planning, especially at this time of year.  There are so many calendars.  State schools and private schools, universities, Queensland and other States, it’s just amazing.

With a calendar, it seems a lot easier to plan ahead.  Even in the face of uncertainty, it’s nice to know which appointments clash, when forms have to be filled in and all the key financial dates for incomings and outgoings.  Birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays and of course Valentine’s Day, are also important.

Routines can help.  I quite like the idea of putting things away as soon as they are finished with.  It helps a lot.  Also, preparing for the basics, like shopping lists, refilling printer ink and petrol in cars regularly and keeping an eye out for bargains.

The year ahead can look busy, but when it is broken down into bite-sized chunks with dates marked on the calendar, things are likely to run a lot more smoothly than last year.  Here’s hoping!


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