Overheating tech

I have a fantastic set of paperbacks that Mum found at garage sales. She told the ladies selling them a bit about me and they chose the ones that they thought I would like.

The one good thing about overheating computers, hot weather and fans is that there is an alternative. I swapped my very slow fan for a much smaller, more powerful one. The laptop is having a rest. Instead of worrying, I started downloading fan regulating apps, using freezer blocks from the fridge in front of the fan and under the laptop. Then I just grappled with the heat, grabbed a paperback and read.

There’s not much use worrying. I needed to immerse myself in some good narrative. Fortunately, there is a lot of that to hand. It makes writing a lot easier. I had taken the back hatch off the laptop and dusted it down a bit. The rest of the screws in it seemed to hold the bigger sections together, so I just dusted and put it back together. For a while, it was OK. Then it was quickly heating up again, so I sat with my books and scholarly articles and did lots of driver updates while reading.

Fueling up on a few well written stories helped a lot. The insight into the Harvard EdX Letters of Paul course also gave me a boost. Then I read that 22,000. + students enrolled and they only had five doctoral students and one Professor. That’s a very popular course! No wonder the internet has been slow when accessing the sites!

Anyway, I am back to organizing my desk, clearing the backlog of filing and making room for teaching equipment and resources. Sometimes, the computer can entrance you if it seems to be the only way to write and read. Fortunately, I have been reading about the importance of the offline activities that make sense of it all. Without the offline links to existing systems, nothing really works.

So today is looking better after some flash storms and rain both yesterday evening and this morning. The soil is softened a bit. Dad is digging out the bamboo and other tree roots from the front yard. Mum is ready to plant some climbing plants that Peter brought her for Christmas. For a while it is cooler and the next few days look a few degrees cooler than the school holidays have been to date. Great weather for gardening, me thinks!


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