Walking again

Apart from shopping and tidying up the house, I have missed walking early in the mornings until today when I started again.

It’s a welcome break from study and the activity helps me to feel part of the local community, as I get to see what is going on in the local area.  There’s always the local paper, of course, but that is different.

My research is bringing new material to light on a regular basis, so the picture is being filled in very well.  I have forwarded a draft to my supervisors and Dr Elmer, who agreed to read the thesis.  I have  a lot of work to do in the next few days, but I am sure it will be OK very soon because it makes a lot more sense to me as I read it and put everything in the right places.

Surprisingly, I am still enjoying it, so I work away as best I can while struggling to get away from my desk, walk around, eat properly and take lots of cool water.  The heat of the day is lovely when there is a breeze, so I go looking for breezes as often as possible.

Day by day, I am feeling happier and more secure in the work I am doing, hoping that it will lead in the right direction in the end.


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