Thesis and Education

On Friday I talked to Caitlin and Lisa at the university about my thesis submission.  Although my first strategy was to rewrite extensively, based on thesis training with my supervisory team early on, my ongoing research has uncovered a way of working on the submitted thesis which addresses all comments.

I am very surprised that the theoretical area of my research has widened considerably since I first submitted it, so that I can now address issues where there is a substantial body of work on which to draw.  It is a huge relief.  Fortunately, I have been updating my associate supervisor as I uncovered important new work, so everyone has a way of being up to date.

The University of Tasmania did respond a week ago to my request for consideration in the Doctor of Education program.  Just this morning, I read about Gridiron in Tasmania being more organised in 2014, so there might even be a chance of writing and researching from Tasmania and then coming back to Queensland to complete a doctorate.

So now I have to consider contacting the nominated supervisor and letting him know my ability to wander down there to the other end of Australia in a southerly direction. 

I still haven’t contacted Dr Ian Elmer at the ACU, as he has been on leave and the 40 Celsius temperatures did not help me to finalise my thesis any quicker over the Christmas break.  That is still something to consider.  However, the Harvard School of Divinity EdX short course in the Letters of Paul is really interesting, thanks in part to the seminars given by Dr Elmer on the Gospel of Matthew for our parish.



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