EdX going well

In the last couple of days, I have been exploring the EdX course on the Letters of Paul and found it very interesting.  It uses a lot of online pages, which means that I am forever flicking between screens.  However, that’s not so bad once you get used to it.

The topic is very interesting and has universal appeal for people who relate to that sort of thing, like me.  I am trying to balance my writing activities with more social interactions, so this is a start.

My muscles are a bit sore today from carrying the paddle board halfway up our street yesterday.  I knew this would happen, so I have been careful to stretch when the muscles are warm and move about a bit more gently.  The muscles are at the top of my hips on both sides.  I know all about them now.

Apart from that, I continue to do my early morning reading for my thesis and work on the style and examiners’ comments.  It is slow work to start with, but I am immensely relieved to be able to focus on it for a while.  Perseverance is a difficult thing to learn for such an important task.

In the evening yesterday, Mum went for a very short walk outside in the beautiful breeze.  I tagged along.  Although we have rain clouds and very dark skies during parts of the day, there is not much rain.  The breeze is a different story and we just love it as a change from the much warmer weather we have had this last week or two.

The aim is to go a bit further with her walking each day.  It is important to walk and not just do shopping and gardening, I think.  Walking helps to get the circulation going a lot better without relying on a shopping trolley for support.

Normally the school holidays seem to stretch forever, but this time it seems like school will be starting all too soon.  It is only two weeks until the pupil-free days for professional development start and then it is back to school after the Australia Day holiday on 27th January. 

Perhaps I am looking forward to it more since my recent studies in career development for Education?  Whatever the reason, I hope 2014 will be a better year for students and teachers alike.




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