The paddle board

This morning Dad noticed a give away sign on an old paddle board that had seen better days.  It was just down the road from us, so he happily announced that it might be something I would like. 

So off I trotted down the road, ready to pick up a medium-sized board and bring it home.  I knocked on the door and asked the chappy there whether I could take it, and he agreed, as it has holes in it that he can’t mend.

Well, it was actually a rather heavy, sturdy, if somewhat holey, full-sized board.  I grabbed one handle and the opposite side of the board and managed to lift it in a standing position to carry back up the road.  Not for long, however, as it is a bit cumbersome to carry a long board sideways along a path.

Next I tried dragging the bottom part on the grass and just pulling it along.  That worked until I reached the crossing and had to lift it over the road part.  There were a few more driveways and a fenced-off footpath that presented similar issues.  Halfway up the road I rested for a longer time.  I called home.  It took ages for the phone to answer.  “Send Dad”, I said. 

Eventually along came Dad with his car.  It did surprise him that I managed to carry the long board half way up our road.  Anyway, now we put it in his car and drove back.  I think I could use a trolley of two wheels with some pvc pipe to take it to the beach, and some oars.  It will be fun!


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