EdX Course

Today is the 12th day of Christmas and the day my EdX course starts.  It’s on the Letters of Paul in the Divinity School at Harvard.

The course goes for six weeks and takes about 46 hours. I think I can spare 46 hours or 8 hours a week to find out about studying through Harvard.

This week I also need to write like crazy to finalise my thesis because next week I have the first Block Teaching week in the Faculty of Education.  Well, I hope so, because the Blackboard site is not live yet and I remember last year that it took weeks for the enrolments to be processed properly.

Andrea and Jacob were at Mass last night and they are friends with Rachel and Andrew as well as Allanah, who were also there.  Although it appears Rachel went to the Lutheran school, where most catholic children seem to go, both she and Andrea have been students at the ACU, so they must feel a connection there.  Perhaps Andrea is thinking of liaising with the choir to show leadership at school where she teaches, particularly as Rachel and Andrew are moving to Sydney for further study.

Anyway, it will be a busy week this week and I pray for temperatures below 30 Celsius as much as possible.  Thunderstorms are predicted for today and we really need some rain.


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