Home videos

It was a great day for home videos yesterday in the afternoon. In the morning, Mum and I were in the living room with the air conditioning on, watching Helen Mirren in “The Queen”. She had a great role in that film and was really convincing. I should imagine that the film had to be approved by the Royal Family before it was released to the public.

Dad found his Manuden video which he made when they visited all the relatives in England a few years ago. He loves that video with him walking down the street and complaining about the traffic. Apparently he grew up in the horse and cart days, although he absolutely loved having a car to drive around England because Uncle Lloyd had a garage at the time.

I recognized Melissa and Samantha, with Roslyn and Aunt Olive, where I stayed for a week or two when I visited in 2010. It was great to see them when they were younger especially since they also came to visit us and stay for a couple of weeks with Barry in between times.


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