Sudden Wealth of Resource Articles

Today and yesterday for some reason, I found lots of research articles related to my thesis and also managed to understand the examiner’s reports as a road map for rewriting the thesis.

Although my first impulse was to rewrite the entire thesis, one examiner clearly said that it was fine as it stood and generally well written. So after all the rewriting in various ways, I am finally back where I was when it returned from the examiners many months ago.

It only makes sense now that I have found the recent resources, and partly due to the professional teaching experience and studies I completed in the meantime.

At present we have a few days of heat wave temperatures, which have meant that I walk early in the mornings and use a water spray so as not to feel the heat too much. I can imagine that it would be pleasant sitting in the shade of some trees to write, but the air is very drying. It’s definitely swimming weather and a great time to be walking on the beach.


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