Thank You for the Calm

The lead up to Christmas has demanded a lot of attention to detail and sorting things out.  Now that we are in the New Year, there is a blessed sense of calm which I appreciate no end.

All is calm in my study.  All is bright outside in the sunshine.  People are out there with their families, making the most of some extra days of holiday.  These are the familiar sounds of families that celebrate often throughout the year, especially when the children are home from school terms.

There is some research which will help to support my arguments in the thesis.  The next one to finalise is the question of technical writing.  For some people, being technical is just semantics.  For others, it’s value-free and the highest truth that can be known.  For me, it’s all about privileged access to resources.

In any case, I will continue to do work as best I can.


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