Happy New Year!

Last night there was not a lot of television coverage of the New Year festivities that we could find.  We had already watched the Edinburgh Tattoo, but could not find anything on New Year’s Day after midnight.

Our house was very quiet and I managed to sleep through midnight.  At 1:11 am I woke to check the time and was surprised to find that not only was it still very quiet, but I had not heard anything like fire crackers or people cheering.

The morning was fairly cool and I felt like working on my thesis, as planned.  Although the week ahead is forecast to be 5 degrees Celsius hotter, at present things are fairly pleasant. 

I watched “Lost Valentine” at lunch time, which was a three tissue movie.  In the morning I caught up with Theresa, Jean, Fred, Judith and my Teacher’s Aide from the local school where I taught in 2011.  It would be ideal to do some work there again in 2014, so I continue to send out my cv and the occasional job application as vacancies arise or my situation changes.

Social media is a great way to catch up with the family and some friends.  Colette had news about Johnnie and Ollie.  Aunty Evelyn was on the telephone this morning with Mum and Dad.  Clare spent Christmas in hospital with appendicitis.  So we caught up with the news despite exchanging very few cards by Post this year.

Thankfully, my room is somewhat less messy, even my desk.  Instead of despairing when something is hidden away, I just persevere until I find it.

The last week I have been out walking on a few days and will be keeping that up because I need time away from my desk.  Dad looks forward to taking Max for walks, as it is so healthy for both of them. 

2014 is looking good from the beginning part of this new year.  2013 looked pretty good too.  Here’s hoping for a better year for everyone!


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