Praises from on High

Boxing Day was big at our place. We had Peter and family over for last minute lunch. Lynda went to work in the morning very early and came along unexpectedly, as did Tania. Thanks to the ham which Mum had been glazing and cooking for ages, it all went well.

My morning was very busy shopping and cleaning, so when they arrived, I was still in the shower. Matthew called while he was on the way, to let us know to expect them. Apparently he was more than half way to our place at the time of his call.

There was as a flurry of wrapping paper and Allanah and Jake were busy delivering present that Tania found under the tree. The older children were with their respective Dads. Steve and DJ were there with Tegan and Tania. Mikayla was with her boyfriend.

There was even a present from Santa to me! It is a lovely deep red handbag which closely resembles a Prada bag. Dad felt a bit left out as he had a couple of presents. It hasn’t stopped him from madly working outside in the lead up to afternoon thunderstorms, though.

I managed to set the table with salad and bread while Mum and Peter sorted out the famous ham. Everyone sat where they wanted, which was generally just at a table. There was pavlova for desert, which I managed to serve on the run. Then the best part for Mum was when it all disappeared into the dishwasher and sink in double quick time. She was super impressed. Even the next day, she was full of good things to say about the lunch with family.

That is worth bottling.


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