Christmas Eve

We made some telephone calls this morning instead of sending lots of Christmas cards. Mum tried to send e-cards.
I remain dazzled by the prospect of ever sorting out my Christmas card list.

The Early Childhood tutors sent an e-mail to check on the progress of remaining students. Yesterday I was fairly ready to start when I was swept off by the need to clean some major windows at our place. We have masses of windows and doors that need cleaning. I used a toothbrush with abrasive cleanser for the runners that were clogged with dust and fluff.

I managed to do a very good job on most of them, but did not quite get around to a couple of the smaller ones. It makes a huge difference when the windows are sparkling. The best part is that my shoulder is just fine after being a bit out of alignment from falling during a training drill with football. It actually clicked back into place while I was sitting at my Graduation for the Diploma in fitness as I adjusted my academic gown.

My brother called yesterday to say that he is coming for Boxing Day. Mum had mentioned that it was a bit too expensive for three cars to come up here with petrol costs being what they are now. He assumed that she did not want him and the family to visit. However, he just could not resist, especially as he has to pick up his box of Pfefferkuchen and those for the other grown- up children.
So now we are having a big Christmas lunch, hopefully outdoors in the shade of some trees. That is something to which we really look forward.

Meanwhile, under the tree the presents are gathered around, the crib is set off to the side and there is a calming glow from the Christmas tree lights. The choristers are preparing for an evening meal which will sustain us until 9:30pm or so. We have been watching “Polar Express” and news about Christmas around the world.

I love the Christmas holiday period when everything slows down, the weather is hot, the skies are blue and we spend time with people who care about us. Then we continue on refreshed for the year ahead where we extend our caring to so many new and deserving people and learn so much in return.


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