Are we Opera Singers

Choir practice yesterday was quite an event.  The Mary Queen of Peace church has been cleaned for Christmas and is quite beautiful.  Although it is small, a lot of local people go there and it is very popular.  There is a school attached to it and a nice Parish Hall used by both the school and Parish.

Arriving early, I stood under a shady Poinciana tree and was thankful for the brisk cool breeze that sprang up.  A couple of ladies soon arrived and we were discussing the fact that we are not opera singers, but choristers.  That is not entirely accurate, as some of the ladies could easily participate in the local musical society’s productions and would easily perform an opera or two.

Lidia, our organist, is a classically trained musician and Alex plays several other instruments as well.  We are very blessed in the music department of our Parish.  Now that our Conductor, Fiona, has announced her upcoming confinement we will be seeing more of Alex and less of Fi.  The Choir members are already planning the knitting of booties and bunny rugs.

Anyway, there was some demand for soaring soprano voices, ably met by Mary and Noeline.  I can see that the Festival of Carols is set to be quite a memorable day for the Choir and hopefully for the Parishioners as well.


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