Teacher registration – tick

Yesterday my graduation photographs from QUT arrived in the mail with my teacher registration renewal.  I have to send academic transcripts so that my newest studies can be added to the teacher register.

Mum was curious to see the pictures, even though I look quite odd, probably due to dehydration and being tired.  I had my hair in a high bun and wore the size 60 mortar board, which I think was the largest. 

Dad even feigned an interest in the pictures and probably has never seen anything like that before as graduations don’t happen often in our family. 

We were wrapping more Christmas presents for Tania and Tegan’s children when Mum realised there was nothing for the boys.  She also wanted a small doll for a carry cot.  Little did we know that we would spend an hour or more searching high and low in the toy sections of various places just for a small doll.  Eventually we found a perfect sized teddy bear, that was the nearest thing to fit the cot.

Hopefully we now have everyone covered.  It was, however, fish and chips for dinner after that shopping trip.  We are fortunate to live four blocks away from the best fish mongers for kilometres.  People come from far and near to buy fish and chips at Morgans near the boat harbour.

Today we have our last Choir practice, and then it will be three days until the Carols before Christmas Mass.  I now have a white shirt to wear with a skirt for the uniform and my song sheets require only a little bit of organisation.  It’s all happening for Christmas, although what is happening on the day is still unplanned.




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