The God Machine

I read about the God Machine yesterday while researching responsibility.  The question in this area is whether humans can be free and still make choices which involve making the responsible decision to harm others.  There were two papers, and one was about therapeutic relationships, which seem to be about being like a supportive parent for someone who has been conditioned by bad experiences. 

It is so important for me to keep researching, even though I need to form and write the thesis more.  In the process my life sort of unfolds a bit more out of the confines of my study and into newly created cool places for study and writing.  I crave background noise while I am reading, like chickens, canaries, the dog, the television, the family busy being assertive, the postman and people passing in the street.  Every now and then, I want to look at the television, check something on the internet or take notes.  It’s a different way of organising my writing, but it is more interesting as far as being myself goes.

It’s cloudy today although there is a heat wave of up to 41 Celsius in South Australia and other southern areas.   Clouds mean a cooler brain and more ability to focus on my writing without languishing under a flannel soaked in cold water.

I read two really good books for mental variety: “the Return” by Victoria Hislop and Jeffrey Archer’s “A Matter of Honour”.  They were in a bundle of books for $3 that Mum found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago.  Jenny Evan seems to thinks my creative writing needs an outlet.  In the meantime, I am providing it with some food for thought.

Then there’s the small matter of an online course in event management which might fit in next February.  It only goes until May, I think and might be interesting.


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