Waking up from the thesis focus

It has been difficult to break my habit of thesis research and writing in order to live a life away from my desk.  Slowly but surely it is working out. 

Choir practice has been a pleasant diversion and now we are almost ready for the Christmas Carols Festival of sorts, which is half an hour before Mass on Christmas Eve.  There have been a couple of rehearsals at Fiona’s place for when the parish church was booked.  All I need is a respectable  black and white outfit, or white dress with black stockings for the uniform. 

Mum and I have finished packing the Pfefferkuchen in boxes for Peter, Mikayla, Matthew, Tania and Tegan.  There were some left over for us – just as well.  It was a huge relief for Mum to have finished her major Christmas presents.  Without Pfefferkuchen my brother would not know it is Christmas.

We needed to buy some milk today, so instead of dashing out in the morning Mum went to the hairdressers.  Strangely enough it inspired me to make an appointment with Roslyn, at Silhouette Hair.  By the afternoon, Mum had curls and I had a longish bob style that should look much tidier for the Carols Festival on Christmas Eve.

I have checked on Doctorates in Education, and found that the University of Tasmania has some good programs.  They linked me to a supervisor so I have to make some enquiries and fill him in on my interests.  It might still be possible to move on to my Doctorate using Information Technology as well.  I’m not sure of the implications, but it is worthwhile following up this line of questioning as it relates to teaching in special education.

My mentor for 2014 is continuing from 2013, as long as I am going to be studying in IT at QUT.  As far as my thesis goes, I keep finding pieces of the jigsaw and have a really clear picture of how it will look as a final thesis now.  There is the small matter of actually writing the last pages, though.

It’s been an awesome year!  I can hardly believe how fortunate and supported I have been to finish two courses at different places while making up 50 days of my required 100 in supply teaching.  My family, colleagues, friends and even friends from school who I haven’t seen for ages have all been so understanding and supportive.  Although it has been difficult at times, overcoming the effects of exposure to various childhood illnesses and breaking away from long days at the writing desk has been for the better. 

I feel as though my new contacts will be really helpful in encouraging self-motivation to complete my thesis now.




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