Wrapping presents

Yesterday Mum was making mince pies and Pfefferkuchen dough.  I was wrapping presents and sorting through Christmas cards.  A red and green plaid table cloth from one of the linen drawers made a great cover for the base of the tree.  Then I put the presents on it.  They looked great!

This morning I sent pictures of Mum rolling out the Pfefferkuchen dough to Peter.  We will soon see whether he is still at work, catching up on his beauty sleep or awake. 

Peter gave us a list of the children and their ages.  We still have to check for last minute gifts, in case we left someone out.  The soon-to-be-born baby is a bit of a challenge, but I had some baby lotion things for Tegan and child.

I managed to file my papers which were piling up around me, but still haven’t found a space to store them.  This is because I need to dispose of old papers first to make room. 

Max had his bath yesterday, in the garden with two buckets and a small scoop for water.  He liked shaking off the water and attempting to go far away to roll in some grass, but I had him secured to a post so he wasn’t going far.  It worked far better than trying to coax him into a giant tub of water, and was a lot easier than lifting him up, all 40 kilos of him.

So the dog is washed, the papers are filed, the biscuits are ready to go in the oven – almost, the mince pies are made and the presents are wrapped.  Next on the list is e-cards and posting cards.




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