Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Yesterday evening I dutifully donned a white dress and sandals and went in to town for the Diploma in Fitness graduation ceremony.  It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed the trip into the CBD.  There are so many graduation ceremonies going on in town that the central halls are constantly busy.  BCEC was no exception.

As I sat with my ice coffee, hoping it would keep me going until 9:30 pm, I looked around at the happy graduands.  There was an endless stream of congratulations from the TAFE staff, who were very encouraging.  Gown hire and the photo shoot went smoothly.  The Brisbane Brass ensemble played in the foyer and from the central stage inside later in the night.  There was even a very accomplished vocalist.

Lynne Foley, the Director of BNIT presented the awards.  Two overhead screens showed each person in detail and photographers were lined up at the ready.  I was sitting at the very back next to Joshua, who won an award and came second overall in the cohort for his achievements and work ethic.  He deserved the award and the qualification, as he was really diligent and supportive of all the students.

I was thrilled to received my award.  Lynne stoically shook my hand and looked as well as she could after rows and rows of graduands with me about 17th from the end.  Then, as I left the stage, Colleen from the Mental Health skill set was there with a high five for me.  She was with the academics seated at the rear of the stage!!!  How awesome that was!  I felt so happy, as I had shared my dreams for doing personal training with the class while I was studying with them.

The smile did not leave my face for hours.  As I returned home in the Friday night shopping crowds, I was stunned but relieved to have completed my course.  There was a Russian-speaking family on the train whose son had just graduated from QUT, where I am completing my thesis.  They had a certificate folder and he was very excitedly talking to his parents, grandmother and brother in Russian and fluent English.

It is so inspirational attending and participating in the graduation ceremony.  We had quotes from Dr Seuss about brainy and footy people.  I could relate to that.  There was an image of us leaving the banks of a rapidly flowing river and swimming on in mid-stream into new and unimagined territory.  It was brilliant!!! What a great experience it was at BNIT.



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