Now I know why the girls wore their hair down

Looking at the graduation photographs I could see that having my hair in a high bun was not the best move.  Also standing in an overly relaxed pose at the first cross on the carpet did nothing for my poise and image.  Not to worry.

I ordered two photographs so that the back of Tim Fairfax is in clear view as I receive my parchment certificate in the main one and everyone is looking down at the certificate in the next, including Wendy Patton, the Head of Department of the Faculty of Education.

My grey stockings did not stand out and wearing a black dress made it somewhat harder to pick me out from the others.  If my aim was to blend in and look quite plain, I think I was a great success.

But life goes on and it’s school holidays.  That means I can wear coloured nail varnish and focus on finishing some projects.  Christmas shopping has been sorted out for weeks.  Choir practice for the Festival of Carols in our church is going well. 


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