Queensland Performing Arts Complex Graduation Day

Yesterday I went in to town for the QUT graduation day in the Faculty of Education.  Tim Fairfax, the Chancellor, presented the certificates.  Peter Coaldrake, the Vice Chancellor was also there.  The guest speaker was Laurie Cowled, founder of the Cowled Foundation.  She is a philanthropist who is incredibly active in her areas of interest.

I looked around for the students I knew from the Guidance and Counselling group and saw two of them, Ash and Sel.  Phillipa is studying leadership and graduated with her Graduate Certificate.  She sat next to me, with an academic from the Science Faculty on my right.  The others are all working full-time, so they are probably part-time students graduating in the future.

It is the first graduation ceremony where I was present, as the others happened when I was working, or when I was too far away to attend.  There was live streaming for overseas parents of international students.  Surprisingly, I was fairly nervous before going up to meet the Chancellor.  but felt fine afterwards. 

Next time, I will take a clutch and camera with me, even a small shoulder bag that fits under the gown.  It is more fun to take pictures from the stage and afterwards than to have the camera in the cloak room.

I was very early for the event and spent an hour or two in the Museum and Art Gallery at Southbank.  The displays were really interesting, particularly as I could imagine some of my students enjoying a visit to the Museum.  The gift shop had many really relevant story books and other items that children would love.

Although I tried to log on to the photographer’s web site, it takes two days for them to appear there, so I could not log on yet.

It was well worth while attending, so I hope I can go to the Masters in Education ceremony as a degree recipient next time.






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