Less than 3 weeks to Christmas

I have been looking for Christmas gifts for a few months now and hope I will be prepared for Christmas this year.  It’s the second week of Advent already and Christmas Day is a Wednesday this year.

For 2014, I downloaded a calendar for school holidays and university Semesters.  There will be some preparation that is possible, such as a book of activities for students from Prep to Year 12, including Special Needs students.  Sometimes I think it’s easier just to put these things on a USB drive.  Then I can send them to a folder for printing which the Teacher Aided can take to the office for class sets.

I have learned so much this year from supply teaching and have really enjoyed the work, the people and the school environments.  For 2014 I will also be preparing physical activities that students can do as part of PE classes.  There are lots of resources available, thanks to the internet.

Yesterday I discovered more resources to e-mail to one of my supply teaching schools, after an hour or two of searching and testing the content.  I also found great information on learning in the information age which will be relevant across lots of my interests.  Thankfully, the discipline I had to develop for working at my computer on a regular basis is developing habits for finding a wide range of resources and information quickly.  It really is worthwhile to undertake a research degree.  It’s even better to finish it, which is next on my agenda with the Early Childhood update.

So, Christmas promises to be a blur this year.  It will be a thankful oasis of rest in a very crazy and fun year.  It’s been a great year for discipline, using local resources and connecting with local communities.  It’s also been great for thinking and persevering, two great skills that deserve more work on my part.



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