The Rustic Olive

Yesterday evening some friends and I met up at “The Rustic Olive” for a meal and to catch up on our news.  Zina actually booked a room in a Motel and stayed for a week as she needed a break from her place and it has been two years since her husband passed away.

Wendy was driven by Phil, who arrived in time to take her home.  Keren turned up, even though I had no idea she would be there.  She is a Kindergarten teacher now.  Jenny just finished teaching for the Term and is looking forward to sleeping in today.  Jan has been busy riding horses, as she only works a few hours a week now. 

They had some fantastic stories to tell, about our school friends and our teachers.  I don’t think Keren remembered me very well, as there was another girl called Barbara at school who she must have known better than me. 

It is a very popular restaurant and Rebecca from TAFE recommends it, as she teaches catering.  Jenny knows the owner, Sam, from her many family dinners there.  A family of four could easily dine on just one plate of “Chicken al Fresco”.  The meals were just amazing.  Fortunately, I wore a cardigan, as Wendy was cold in her summer jacket and she was sitting at the other end of the table from the outside fire tower.

The whole street was busy with people coming and going to the many places that stay open after 6pm.  There was a sort of bar next to the “Coffee Club” which was especially popular.  Then there is the RSL just across from the car park.  I loved to be out at that time of night, hurrying up the street to meet my friends.

We had a lovely time, and shared connections such as e-mail, facebook and telephone numbers.  Jenny is hunting for more people and Keren knows an awful lot.  I’m sure we will meet up again, although Jenny wants to arrange a School Reunion!  Oh, joy!


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