Making juggling balls

Yesterday at school we made juggling balls with uncooked rice and balloons.  After Brian found the right size of plastic funnels, it went quite well.  It seems that a lot of gallons are required to make it a rubbery type of ball and a smaller size allows for better layering with the coloured balloons.

It was an interesting activity to have in the middle session of the day, before second lunch.  The students were very persistent and patient, which is needed for this activity.  One boy decided to make an Angry Bird in red and green, with added beak and crest.  It looked really good.

The world of fantasy, either as a DVD or interactive game, seems to be an endless source of fascination for some students.  I love to watch them play and interact with the subject matter as imaginative and creative play is vital for children and adolescents.

Tania the Chaplain visited with a trolley of fun things as gifts for all the teachers, including me!  It was a lovely gesture to include a supply teacher, and she even left a present for the regular teacher, which I put on the desk in the classroom.

A student gave me a Christmas colouring in picture for me to put on the fridge at home.  To top it all off, another boy brought the Christmas Balls, which were denatured Rum Balls rolled in desiccated coconut.  They were only for teachers, so I was given one at lunch time and bravely munched at it trying to show my appreciation.  The entire plate of Christmas Balls only rolled across the carpet once, when they were accidentally knocked off the table, but fortunately, that was after I had been given one.  At least, that was the only time that I saw them escape in their travels to the classroom.

The brilliant/awesome/excellent part of the day was finding out about the pace of working as part of the end of Term routine.  I enjoyed the day immensely.



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