Sunbowl day

Today we have the Colts Sunbowl, Ladies Summerbowl and Senior Sunbowl.  It is raining and temperate.  There is a chance of thunder, but no word of lightening yet, which is when we stop the game.

The games are being televised for Fox TV in 8:30pm Friday 12th December with highlights.  There is also a live webcast which can be accessed here:

I’m slightly stunned today after my week of minor triumphs.  Despite having to boot up my iron, Vitamin D and calcium levels from dangerously low, things went well with my studies.  The results from my Graduate Certificate in Education came through and my GPA is fine for continuing to the Masters Semester next year!  It’s hard to believe how patient and professional the lecturers have been in the Education Faculty.  I am feeling good about my studies and happy to continue to my goal.

The same can be said for the Fitness staff at the TAFE College. Even though it was tough to keep going, somehow it all worked out.  My Diploma arrived in the mail this week with a transcript of competencies achieved.  In addition, the business cards and postcards from VistaPrint also came in a small brown box with appointment cards on the back of some.

My first client is due to start early in December for four weeks, so I have a great incentive to have some business processes in place.  It’s like a dream come true to have the potential for paid professional work becoming closer to a reality.

Sunbowl or Rainbowl, today is a great day and we are going to rock the field in our own unique ways!!!!




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