Fish and chips at Sutton’s Beach

Last night was the final of three lectures on the Gospel of Matthew with Dr Ian Elmer from the Australian Catholic University.  Once again there were 60-70 people in attendance, about a third of whom appeared to be ongoing attendees.

There was a mention in there about Fish and Chips at the Sea of Galilee, as well as the local beach, Sutton’s Beach.  We had a Lectionis Divina experience related to Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James and John.  Dr Elmer guided us through the reading and we projected our minds to the actual event by linking our thoughts and senses to the narrative.  It was quite special.

It was on Sunday that I drove past Sutton’s Beach and noticed a car with MIT05 number plates, or something similar.  There was a young man jogging meaningfully along the footpath that fronts the beach.  He was wearing black shorts and was shirtless.  Perhaps he is the MIT chappy?  At the time, I thought that it would be good to walk on the actual sand and get my feet wet, even wear swimming togs and take a dip in the water.  I know there is a group from Bally Cara who go down there to sweep away the cobwebs in their retired brains on a regular basis.

Anyway, there was I learning about the Gospel of Matthew with many interested persons.  Chris, the lady next to me was surprised to find that I, too, live at Scarborough and am a parishioner at Holy Cross, rather than St Benedict’s the new parochial church.  She seemed surprised that I was a relative stranger to her.  I can see a push for Bible study coming from this group.  There is something that builds community in the act of learning and immersing oneself in the future-looking aspects of the New Testament, not the teleological stuff.

I remembered also that I was training a Muslim lad for my Strength and Conditioning Coaching Level 2 course.  We did have fish and chips at Sutton’s Beach, if I remember correctly.  His dad was a builder and the lad is probably very wealthy by now.  Sometimes, if I rode my bike to the beach at the time, the wind was so strong, I had to wait for a while before continuing.  I was blown off my bike at least once.

It must be time for me to plan my Level 2/3 course through the ASCA.  I am planning for 2014, so that might be something to arrange when I have edited my thesis, hopefully by the end of this week.


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