RCIA party

Fiona normally conducts our choir on Sundays, but this time Sean was graduating from the initiation program in our parish at the 9am Mass.  So Alex conducted the choir and played clarinet.  Lydia was at the organ with her grandson providing support. 

It all went very well with the change over to Alex, as Fi has been training him to be next in line for many months.  Sean seemed somewhat overwhelmed by the whole confirmation and initiation ritual.  Marty, who is now Deacon Marty, was beaming as he joined in for the laying on of hands ceremony.  There were eight candidates of all ages in the group and it all went well, including the Baptism part for some of them.

We were wearing colour-block clothing.  I had a pink dress.  There were two salmon-coloured dresses, one brown, one mid-blue, one light-blue, a red and some others in the mix.  That part went well, although I went home to change and find a card for Sean before heading to the after-party.

The water melons at Woolworths seemed like a good contribution to bring, but I settled on Maltesers instead.  There was a card for confirmations, much to my surprise, so I bought that as well.  That made for a leisurely Sunday drive to Woody Point, where Fiona lives. 

Most people were already there and it was about time for the bar-b-que.  Sister Janette and Audrey Enright were there, as well as a few general VIPs in the parish.  Fiona had personally invited the choir members, so most of the people there were from the Music Ministry. 

Alex and Alannah, Frankie’s children and Mark and Kerry’s daughter mostly stayed indoors near the food table where it was cooler.  There were some very nice salads, a huge “Welcome to the Community” type of cake and some other deserts. 

The whole afternoon was very relaxing and filled with conversation and caring.  So now I know what happens at an RCIA party.


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