The mystery of the disappearing bath cubes

I have looked high and low for dissolving, fragrant, bath cubes of the sort used by my Father in his baths since he was a boy.  For some reason, they do not seem to exist in Australia any more.  There are bath bombs in all shapes and sizes, but nothing resembling the little cubes that fizz into the bath and crumble into very fine bath powder as they are broken up into the running bath water.

Online web sites have occasional bath cubes in gold foil paper, but they are often listed as being out of stock, in short supply or only available for a shipping cost three times the price of a set of four bath cubes.  I can’t imagine why my Father keeps asking for the bath salts in his favourite form and why there appears to be a long-standing and drastic shortage of them.

We have bubble bath, although most bubble bath is marketed for children nowadays.  Does no one take a bath anymore?  Are we too sophisticated for ordinary bath salts?  Is it either Epsom salts or organic, shea butter luxury giant-sized bath bombs with nothing in between?

It seems there is a market here, ready to be filled, even if it is only for one customer in far-distant Australia.  Surely if one person is so keen on them, there must be others?



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