Teaching today

Today I was called in to one of my favourite schools for the day.  Fortunately, my assignment was completed and safely delivered yesterday to the library at the university, so I was free to go.

It’s been a great week for sorting out my work and I was really happy to have a change of pace before I tackle the next couple of writing projects that are keeping me busy.  I love to be busy and be away from my desk for a while, especially as it is a bye week in football this weekend and I have to invent my own ways of running around in the fresh air and sunshine.

The teachers and students were lovely and we watched some of the younger classes prepare their Christmas plays for next week.  What a treat that was!  They all put a lot of time and effort into their work and the dress rehearsals were just amazing.

I was actually called in to another school this morning as well, but had already made my booking for the day.  It’s lovely to be popular, especially when I least expect it.

As another work week draws to a close, I am ready for the next phase of career development, which I have been studying so intently of late.  Who knows what surprises the future will hold, may be even a regular teaching appointment?  That would be nice.


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