Last one

The plan was to complete my last counselling assignment yesterday and post it in the afternoon.

However, I was called in for supply teaching at a lovely school and soon changed my schedule.

Today I am finalising the assignment.  I did need a break after the other one, which was quite involved.  Also, today is the last day of my medical certificate for improving my blood profile, so I should be in the clear any minute now!

I am still taking Vitamin D, sunshine, Iron tablets, yoghurt and a fizzy tablet from Aldi’s.  They seem to have worked, as I feel brighter, can concentrate while sitting at my desk and am able to move through my written work at a much better pace.

For three Monday nights, I have a lecture series on the Gospel of Matthew in our local Parish, which finishes next week.  On Tuesdays it’s choir practice.  Next Saturday is the gridiron Sunbowl, streamed live on local television.  So I am able to leave my writing desk and head out into the world again, which I haven’t done for ages due to completing my thesis.

Oh yes, the thesis is almost there.  I just have to tidy it up after today’s last counselling assignment is personally delivered to the University library.  On the way back I will drop in for a quote to fix the hail damage that my car sustained at the gridiron semi-finals.

Little did I know how helpful it would be to learn persistence with my writing when I first started work on my thesis.


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