Two more to go

On Sunday, a friend visited out place to help out with my video for career development.  He said he would be there by 10am, but did not arrive until 5pm.  After all that, he had a speeding find for a 50 km/hour zone at the seafront leading to our street.

While I was waiting and texting to find out what was going on, I managed to work through most of another assignment, leaving only two to go.  What a relief to have it sorted.

On Sunday night I used the Express Post envelope and Yellow Post box to send one assignment in, but did not receive an e-mail from the university to say it had been received on Monday.  It might have been worth it just sending it ordinary mail in a slightly larger envelope. 

Today, I hope to send the second-last assignment and then write up the Video Interview for the next day.  Then I will have met the deadline for 21st November. 

Next in line is my thesis finalisation.  Being so isolated while I am writing it is a bit odd, as I had expected a collegiate environment instead of a guiding and adversarial one.  However, it helps for me to work from home and just go in for the occasional meeting every 3-6 months.  I am amazed that there is a sense of making progress and heading in the right direction, even though my work feels like it is independent on my part.

It is very exciting to be able to make sense of my studies, partly due to improving my diet and taking Vitamin D and iron tablets, I expect.  Somehow I get the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg and I have a very interesting and fun year ahead in 2014.  I can just see myself running quite often, washing Max a bit more frequently to his is a nice-smelling companion who rolls in dead crows at every opportunity, and working as a personal trainer by appointment only.

It has been a crazy year in 2013, that’s for sure!


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