Fit for action

Today I handed in my client portfolios and extra pieces of assessment for the lessons I missed at TAFE.

Mary was chatting to Jarred, so I joined in and ended up asking her to be my referee for job applications, which she did!  We received our Advanced First Aid certificates earlier and I had two more training sessions to do with my clients.  It was an interrupted training program, but I managed to track my data using my program card with weekly session sheets.

So now I am working out how to continue enjoying the challenge of working with chronic conditions.  I really do Fitness for fun, because it takes off the pressure of study and teaching. 

Graduation day is in mid-December and Mary is going to be in Sydney for netball.  However, Josh and some of the others are attending, so it should work out well.  We might be able to catch up and exchange contact details.  It is just brilliant having trained at a government college, because we help to build a reputation based on standards which are rigorous and current.

I also have my first client, through the library, where I was printing off some of my assignments to hand in.  It was a referral from my practical assessment client, so I am very pleased.  Now I have to work out my commercial rates and put together some packages.   It is such a pleasure to have participated in the course with such skilful teachers.  My colleagues, the other students, were just great as well.

Max will be happy to hear that doggy walks are coming back on the agenda, now that this qualification is complete. 



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