Two case studies down and a few more things to tidy up

Well, the Diploma is looking achievable as I have just finished the second of my case studies.

On my To Do list now are: (a) a piece on motivational psychology and why a client would want to pay me as a PT, (b) two portfolios of evidence regarding my clients and (c) anything else that I have forgotten to do.

The portfolios are fairly straight forward, as I have program cards and weekly program sheets on which to scribble annotations.  I have been modifying my program and using the great outdoors – or at least the fabulous oval at the College.  My main client is going strong and I am learning lots.

It is somewhat distracting doing the PT practicals, as it sets my mind off in different directions of planning programs, seeing synergies in the exercises and planning strategies to achieve client goals.  The big discovery was the importance of Health Promotion, both in the way it influences our lack of exposure to sunlight (skin cancer v Vitamin D) and in the way we can fixate on health behaviours without updating our views.

Meanwhile, I had hoped to have the final edit of my thesis done, but have not been able to focus on it after finding totally fabulous resources related to whether we learn maths through language or through numbers.  Well, in my mind it’s all related, although lately no one actually seems to have written about this issue, that I have noticed.

The helpful people at College prettied up my resume, so the next thing to do is prepare my cover letter.  But today’s biggest surprise came as a pleasant shock when I found out that my gym is going 24/7 after having installed the new training area with suspension ropes and the like!  How convenient is that for PT?  It reminds me to drop off my business cards and letter of introduction.

So, all in all, I am keeping up my Vitamin D, iron and calcium regime which includes lots of yoghurt.  My mind is clearer.  My mood is better.  I am working reasonably well.   I am so grateful to my teachers at College for persevering with me while I have been relatively moping over my computer and not getting out in the fresh air and sunshine for fear of falling behind with my work.  How ever do they manage to be so compassionate and supportive with all the other things they have to do?

To top it all off, my Employment Consultant called again to see how I am and to see what my plans are for 2014.  I haven’t contacted my Career Mentor in the last week since the Mentoring end of year event-that-wasn’t, although we did e-mail about what is happening in the next couple of weeks.

Yes.  Thank you, all and thank God!


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