Bright colours for Spring

Yesterday, Mum and Dad were watching a presenter on a morning television show when they noticed a particularly bright dress on one of the women.  They called me in to see it during the advertisements that followed.  It was quite nice for Spring, so I had a look around at Target and Coles Mix on the way home from College.

There was a nice T-shirt style dress in Target that was quite similar, so I bought it thinking that I could use the dress as a pattern to sew some more.  It has a lycra component, I think, although the dye looks as though it will fade with a few washes.  So with a couple of nice bangles for my wrist and a multi-coloured jacket, I am now set for Spring or Summer.

It is easy to forget that spring is sprung, partly due to sitting at my desk all day, writing and researching.  December promises to be a much nicer month for me.  My regime of Vitamin D tablets, iron supplements, sunshine exposure and dietary changes will have improved things, I hope.  The symptoms of Winter viruses have well and truly disappeared, except for being a bit faint when it comes to singing in the choir.  Even the immunisations against Flu and other things seem to have stopped partying with my immune system and settled down to do their jobs.

For Spring and Summer I like pale blue with beige, dark blue, bright pink, flouro yellow, pale green, dark green, red, orange and black with lots of white.  I’ll have to pack away those dark winter T-shirts and shorts.


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