I researched spondylosis this week and completed a presentation and report on the topic.  It was very interesting as a topic and relates well to my clients for PT, since many people do have back pain.  Perseverance is key to getting on top of writing tasks, so I am developing that quality as I go.

Housework comes in handy as a way to break up my day when I am writing.  There never seem to be enough hours to tidy up and sort out my filing, though, as it is not the highest priority work in my day.  Shopping for groceries is another story, though, because a trip to the supermarket is always an interesting diversion.

One of the jobs I have waiting on the back burner is to produce some cards for 14 international football officials from WWC2 in Finland this year.  A week ago I found some fantastic striped paper in the stationery section of the local Kmart, so the project is coming together.  All the scrap booking materials fascinate me, and will come in handy for making cards and posters with students or just as an art project of my own.

There are still a few things to sort out with my studies and I am pursuing them relentlessly.  Choir is back, so that provides some variety.  It is also not long to the Wellness Centre Christmas Party.  I have to start my Christmas list, I think, before I forget.


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