Prac with clients

This week I am starting my exercise prescription with clients.  As a PT, I have to be ready to train outside the gym for those times when nobody is there to open up the studio.  It happens all the time for early morning gym clients, so I’m guessing that is an essential skill.

We heard about an Aunt in England this morning.  She has been forgetting to take her medications and also eating poorly.  At present, she is in Norfolk with the family of one of her sisters.  C. was on the internet and messaged me, and when I passed the message on, we telephoned to chat with them all.

Working with older clients and unusual body shapes, chronic conditions and the like is good because my Aunts can relate to that as well.  How useful I could be if I went to visit and helped them with their rehabilitation and daily exercise!  I can see it now.


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