Practical Week finishes all too soon

What a great week it has been at the Wellness Centre for my PT special populations practical!  I put my name down for the Christmas Party and must remember now to keep the date free.

It was so much fun for me to be with people who enjoy aerobic dance and fitness training so much.  When the instructors are so talented, it certainly helps.  Yesterday morning there were fifteen people in the strength circuit class, which seemed to be an all-time record.

On the topic of cake, I didn’t actually bring a couple in for people on my last day.  Mary E.B., the lecturer from college, said she would take a couple in for the staff at the end of her class practicals.  Although it seems to be workplace culture that people who would like to work in the area bake some biscuits or a cake to show their appreciation, it’s not the culture at home.  Mum thinks it is all a bit odd and refuses to go along with that kind of thing.  I will have to remember the Stollen at Aldi, though, as I think they might like that and it would be easy enough to pop by with some Ricotta, butter and a couple of Stollen to keep the troops happy.

Mum tends to approve of spreading German culture, particularly if it involves being Queen of cake baking.


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