Starting PT

This week my studio sessions with clients start, at the college where I am studying.  Mary E.B. sent me the details for the first client and we arranged to meet this week.  There are a couple of others available as well.

I set out my weekly schedule with spaces for my available hours in a little chart so that I can keep track of places to be.  This gives me a reference point and overview which needs to be kept handy for adjustments.

My aerobics teachers in the last few days have been lovely!  Some of them would have been teaching when I was learning aerobics, and they are just excellent at what they do.  It has been a real pleasure slipping into classes like a shiny  new pair of gym shoes that do every move by themselves!

One thing that I quite like about the culture of the Wellness Centre is that they have an Italian gym instructor and that the owner has a German background of some sort.  It fits in well with my experience and family background, which should keep my parents happy.  They are quite strong on the German side of cultural fit and complain if things don’t match their expectations.

Today I have a busy day and hope to sort out my written work as well as prepare for my classes at college and the Wellness Centre.  It is a beautiful day.




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