Wellness Centre

Today I met Darrol, Katrina and Dany at the Wellness Centre and joined some classes in aerobics, stretch and functional strength training.  I had a great day meeting the ladies who attend the centre, and some gentlemen as well.  Victoria, the owner, was there for a few minutes and I introduced myself.

It has been a while since I attended an aerobics class, but all went well.  Although I don’t take part in many classes, I usually catch up with the news when I attend Fitness Conventions and through online information.  All those classes that I took in the past seem to have become ingrained in me, as I was able to participate in almost all of the moves.  What great proof that fitness classes really do provide a lasting benefit! 

I managed to put away some dishes and sweep the floor in the Recreation Room, during my lunch hour.  Mary E.B. did mention something about training a client out at the College, but I didn’t hear anything today, so I assume she is still sorting it out. 

Next time I am taking a gym bag with my gear, because a loose towel with a folder for my forms was a bit cumbersome to leave around in the back room.  Gym bags are great because there is so much room for lunch, clothes, extra shirts and the like.  There is definitely an art to packing for gym or study so that all the essentials for the day are in one small, lightweight bag.

Oh yes, I met Alex, the exercise physiologist as well.  He is in charge of all the gym programmers, so I expect to hear more from him soon.

Victoria has built up an amazing centre, and it is a real credit to her for her dedication and desire to help people to be that much healthier than they thought was possible.  I really feel good after my first day at the centre.


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