Personal training outdoors

Yesterday I went to class for my fitness training studies.  Mary was there on her way to teach her high school students in the library.  She has arranged a client for me and Seamus.  Simon’s client was there and Simon had a backpack with equipment to work outside.  The gym wasn’t open.  Simon was prepared and did an outdoor session.  Seamus had his TRX strapping in his car and offered to test out his routine on me.  We used a pergola where smokers go for a break to support the straps. 

I quite liked the set-up with the suspension training and have tested it relatively recently at Lawnton in the gym.  It might be a good idea to have a cleaning schedule for the straps and a mat to place under it if using concrete floors. 

Today we see Mary for our Advanced First Aid part 1.  I handed in two assignments for her and one for Rebecca yesterday.  There is still some work to do with my client preparation for a portfolio of research and data collection instruments (forms).  We have some forms as a guide and I can source my own as well.

Well, the next few days will be busy with assignments and finishing my thesis.  I also hope to meet my mentor for coffee, as he will be in Brisbane for a week. 



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