Video success!

Although Uma was not available for all three days of the long weekend, it saved me three hours of travel to the city and back. 

Fortunately, Plan B was available, as my friend D. visited just at the right time.  I set up my iPad and it was brilliant.  I am surprised how easy it is to shoot video and picture with the iPad, even though it is quite an odd shape and size.

The literature search for the assignment is now underway and I have found interesting resources for my thesis as well.  As the topic for career counselling was engineering, it fits well into the thesis.  I now have a reason to find out the Australian perspective instead of just the international postgraduate research student perspective.  That helps a lot for working out how the reader will relate to the thesis, both for examiners and others.

Studying at TAFE has helped me to set out assignments well.  I now know why the questions are so long and detailed.  I am adapting report-style templates and working from there.  It is not quite the same sense of working from scratch, but it generally is good, as I adapt the styles, pictures and other parts.

My serum levels of iron seem to be improving as Mum has mentioned twice now that my face looks a bit more healthy and not so pale.  It is unusual for me to focus on adjusting my diet for iron, Vitamin D and calcium together, but I am adjusting well.  I love to have a health challenge to motivate me, even though I am waiting for the blood test and my doctor’s advice before I start a more intense fitness program.

I can see me suddenly making the change, after completing my thesis, finishing my career development course, training my clients for fitness, doing my week of work experience at Green Apple and doing my assignments and work observation assessment for early childhood.  That will look amazing!  I will be very happy and very relieved to have finished all that, despite my low blood count.  I really look forward to finishing those things and starting a new journey equipped with my newfound skills and knowledge.


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