Interview today

Today I am video recording my career counselling assignment with D. It was meant to be with Uma at the library, but she seems uncomfortable with the whole thing.  I think it’s because she is a postgraduate Human Resources student and probably feels as though she has been there and done that.

I had booked a room for 10am, but it turned out to be on the day that the temperature is surging to 35 Celsius instead of 27 Celsius average for this month.  Tomorrow will be better.  Going to the city on the hottest day so far this year is probably not the best thing to do on the Labour Day Public Holiday.

So, instead of travelling for three hours today, I am preparing my interview materials for D. 

The whole thing was sorted out by text messages last night while I was waiting for a meeting with the committee I am on.  At least I remembered to attend the meeting and it all went well.

Even if D. arrives late, I am sure I will be able to work out something for the interview. 


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