Counselling session

Having researched Osteomalacia for the last day and a half, I sent my assignment and presentation off to my lecturer this morning.

Tomorrow I have a counselling session with Uma, an international student in the Business Faculty studying Human Resources.  I am not sure how much HR and counselling have in common, but there may be an opportunity for collaboration down the track.  When I am working with students in schools, I might be able to link up with Uma for career options for the students.

In an effort to be out in the sun more, to build up Vitamin D levels in my body, I have been dabbling in gardening.  At present I just pick some strawberries, pull some weeds to feed the chickens and sweep up some of the dead leaves from the flagstones in the garden.

My ambition in the garden is to have a herb garden for the kitchen.  We have a lot of basil, parsley, chives, spring onions, strawberries, mint, lettuce and miniature bell peppers at present.  What interests me, though, are the garden beds which are still overgrown and a bit dusty.  I can see bright flowers and herbs in there.

Mum and I have been to a couple of garden centres in the last couple of weeks, looking for plants and other things.  It is so pleasant to walk around all the open shelves and garden beds, that I would love to recreate that at home.  It is a great way to be out in the sunshine in between writing.  It’s actually a great pity I didn’t start earlier, because my Vitamin D levels are quite low after days spent writing and researching indoors. 

Tonight I have a committee meeting, so I have set an alarm this time.  Last time I deleted my alarms, thinking they were automatically set.  It turned out that the only automatic reminder was an e-mail which I did not receive until the next morning.  This time, I have made sure that I will remember the time.



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