What a writing schedule!

Determined as I am to finish my various writing assignments in a timely fashion, I have had lots of interesting times working on my negotiation skills.

Yesterday my lecturer and I sorted out the fitness diploma assignments.  At that college, they make a point of helping people who actually have jobs, and they do it very well.  It was a huge relief to know that they had a way to keep me in the loop.  I am glad that I put my health first and sorted it out before doing gym work.

For my careers counselling assignments, I contacted two prospective video interview people.  Both are only available on Monday at the earliest, if I start trying to book them in from Saturday next.  I haven’t told either of them that I have a backup option, so at present I have a room booked in the CBD campus library and at least one person set to turn up if I remind her a day before.

My thesis is an ongoing work.  I keep turning up relevant things, with increasing frequency as I put the last few pages together.  It makes sense in the context of my tutoring at the university.  I am beginning to see the timeline and bigger picture for my topic.  However, I could not have reached that point without breaks for teaching in between.  Sitting in front of a computer really requires lifestyle changes, like taking up gardening and walking the dog, to be sustainable.  Just gym doesn’t cut it for me, although working with fitness for chronic conditions is really interesting.

Then there is the early childhood Certificate III.  It has more paper shuffling, printing off, being checked by people and linking to online rules and regulations than the masters by research and all the others combined!  Thankfully, there are commercial providers who are starting to teach Certificate III courses online with a lot less kerfuffle.  Establishing prior knowledge seems to be a learning journey for the lecturers more than the students.  I suppose that’s how things work in vocational education.

I just have to turn my attention the remaining tasks and scope it a bit so that I can put the outlines of my future assignments together.  Thank you Lord for giving us a public holiday for Labour Day on Monday!  Thanks also for helping me to persevere!!!




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