Building up my levels

I have been taking iron supplements for a week and feel much better at present.  In two weeks I will have another blood test for my doctor. 

In the last couple of days I have been thinking clearly, which has helped a lot with my writing schedule.  C. was on the internet chat on Tuesday and had lots of family news.  I filled her in on our news, too.

My lecturer in career counselling negotiated a new timeline with me, as I have had two months of fading away with my nutritional deficiencies.  It has interrupted my productivity immensely.  So, thanks to her concern, I have been able to sort out my direction with that.  D., who had a pain in his back and had to go to the hospital, did not arrive for his video interview on Sunday, which was two assignments.  Plan B is to ask U. and book a study room at the library, which might be my next step, as I am unsure about when D. will be available.  The problem with these is that I have to research their issues and prepare an assignment, and they have separate issues.

Today I see M.E-B. about the fitness studies progress.  We have a meeting this morning with all students.  I still have to present my research, which is just some notes, a power point outline and a collection of papers at present.

I also need to apply for a paid Blue Card for childcare, which also needs to be done.  There are some simple assignments which I can sort out in a day or two for the basic certificate III which will also help me with Montessori teaching.

We have a Labour Day public holiday on Monday, making it a long weekend.  It is also a bye weekend for football.  Then school is back and I hope to have sorted out my thesis.  At present, my supervisor is away until mid-October.  I am surprised at myself that I am persevering through all this and hope that I have found my “good stress” frame of mind to meet the challenge in a sustainable way.


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