End of September

Here we are at the last day of September in Australia.  It is also the first month of Spring and the day on which I tidy up my thesis.

Although it was very warm Spring weather last week, this week is perfect for writing. 

It is also the second week of the mid-Semester school holidays, with school returning next Monday. 

My counselling interviewee did not arrive as promised yesterday, so I am thinking of other people who live locally for an hour or so of interview on camera.  The main thing is to find someone from a suitable target group that could benefit from career counselling.  Uma, my friend from the post graduate student meeting, lives on the other side of Brisbane, and I hardly ever travel to Brisbane at present.

I am thinking I could use the interview to help with the Youth Music Ministry in my local parish by asking a musician who might be interested in developing her skills in music scheduling and developing the local talent.  Our seminarian has put a notice in the weekly bulletin about helping out buskers.  We could certainly use some of their talents at mass, as our organists are moving away to retirement villages.

There will be lots to keep me busy this week, that’s for sure.




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